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Awesomeee Yoga Mat Bag
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We have been working for *months* to design and produce our very first Lifestyle Pro yoga mat bags – and are thrilled to announce they are officially available on right here!! As yogis and entrepreneurs we didn’t want to launch just any old product to market. We know... Read More

Detox Smoothies are the Ultimate Reboot
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Hey Guys! Wow it’s been a while! A long long while, it’s funny how quickly time passes when you’re not paying attention?! Ever hear that phrase….a watched pot never boils….sometimes feels like life is like that. When you’re watching the clock minutes seem to go backwards before they creep... Read More

Bacon Benefits and Nutrition
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Wondering about Bacon Benefits and Nutrition? Here are top reasons why you should eat bacon:  It’s great source of protein stops food cravings low in carbs great source of health fat it’s good for mental healthy, improves your mood bacon is the only food that’s salty and sweet at the... Read More

Newport Skinny Tea – Enter to Win
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What is Newport Skinny Tea? Over the past few weeks we had a chance to test out three blends of all natural, loose leaf tea blends from Newport Skinny Tea and you guys know we don’t advocate for anything we don’t stand behind. But these are good. Real good!   The... Read More

Going Green – Jewelry Product Review
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  Going Green – Green Tree Jewelry is a father & son business out of San Diego, California that uses sustainably harvested trees to laser engrave their crafted jewelry products.   Each of their designs is inspired by nature and that natural beauty is intricately woven within each piece.   Unlike some... Read More

Power Cookies Recipe

  A Happy Thanksgiving to those of you spending today, and this weekend, grateful in quality time with friends & family!  And chowing down on some turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed (sweet) potatoes, Brussels sprouts…..mmmm Holiday dinners are my absolute favourite meals of the year! If you opt... Read More

Spiralized Sweet & Spicy Fritters
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Wondering how to make Spiralized Sweet & Spicy Fritters? This is one of the best Paleo recipes ever!   Just in time for the holidays! These spiralized sweet & spicy paleo fritters are a perfect side dish to your feast this year! Marshmallowed yams best move over, sweet potato is... Read More

Paleo Energy – Smoothie Recipe
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Are you looking to get healthy? Learn more about Paleo Energy – Smoothie Recipe!   It’s daylight savings time official. Winter has arrived. And with it – shorter days and afternoons of darkness. This also makes it the *perfect* time to help your body adjust by making sure you’re... Read More