What is Paleo 30 day challenge?

Want to look great and be healthy? Want to have nice skin?

Want to sleep better and have more energy?


Get The Paleo 30 Day Challenge Kit and Achieve Results!

Main Guide: The Paleo 30 Day Challenge:

$ 64

The Paleo 30 Day Challenge Kit was specifically created to make it simple, easy and delicious for YOUR success.  It includes:

  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • 100% Paleo Approved Recipes
  • Step-by-step easy to follow recipe instructions
  • Variety in Foods to keep your body satisfied & your taste buds craving more

Taking care of the thinking and planning for 30 Days, just follow the Paleo Wired Kit along, flipping the page for the next meal.  Trust us, when you’ve completed the 30 Days, you won’t want to go back. We’re so sure, that we offer a no questions asked 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee.  Because we know it works and want YOU to succeed. And that’s not all, we’ve included 3 FREE Bonuses!


Learn how to be Healthy, how to Burn Body Fat and how to take control of Your Life. 

The Paleo 30 Day Challenge is for those of you who are serious about getting healthy. About taking control of

  • your weight,
  • your skin,
  • your hormone balances,
  • your toxin levels,
  • your autoimmune sensitivities and diseases.


You will LOSE WEIGHT and SHED POUNDS during the Paleo 30 Day Challenge. 

 Transform your body and revitalize your menu.

The Paleo 30 Day Challenge Kit includes a variety of recipes including meals inspired by traditional American meat & potatoes, Mexican dishes, Thai food, Mediterranean dishes, Indian sauces and delicious stews and soups.  Just to name a few!


Along with the Paleo 30 Day Challenge recipes, you’ll also receive 3 FREE BONUSES:



Bonus #1 The Paleo Wired Cookbook (with bonus detox formulas)

$64 - FREE

Bonus #2 A Very-Berry-Paleo-Guide-to-Summer

$ 64 - FREE

Bonus #3 The Perfect BBQ Guide

$ 9.99 - FREE

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All with more paleo approved recipes to keep you inspired and cooking (and eating) Paleo, long after the Challenge!

The Paleo 30 Day Challenge Kit is everything you need to start losing weight, getting healthy and living a Paleo lifestyle. 

 Paleo 30 Day Challenge KIT benefits: 

  • You'll burn body fat
  • You'll get stronger
  • You'll get healthier
  • You'll have more energy
  • You'll sleep better
  • You'll change your life


Infuse your life with action & Get Your Own Paleo Approved Kit to start feeling the difference!

The best part?  They’re all electronically delivered immediately to you at time of purchase.  No waiting around.  Just click, download, save to your computer and start cooking!



Weight loss is not about eating less. It’s about eating right.


Don’t start a diet with an expiration date.  Focus on a lifestyle that will last forever.


Turn your I Will into I DID.


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Justine just completed her 30 Day Challenge & sent us her story to share with you about her journey in getting healthy!

In 2011 I weighed 130 lbs and couldn’t do a push up or squat to save my life. After 6 months of personal training I dropped to 120lbs and 12% body fat The more I tried to lose weight the more I gained and the more discouraged I got…I was back at 130lbs.It wasn’t until 2013 when I joined crossfit that I started to find a place where I like my body and was happy with the way I looked…finally stopped trying to be skinny and learned how to be fit and healthy. I now weight 145 lbs and that makes me proud!

It’s not about the number on the scale… It’s about finding a point where you’re happy with your life and your body. This is my before and after. I fell off the wagon in the last week and am getting back into it again. .. I ate pretty good to start with and my goal is gaining muscle not losing weight…but the 30 days challenge made me feel better and sleep better.

 Thanks for sharing with us Justine!  Great Work on completing the 30 Day Challenge and staying healthy!
We completely agree – Paleo & Health is not about the weight on the scale or the inches in your measurements, it’s about feeling good & getting your body healthy.  Keep paleo-ing!:)


Only 3 weeks in, 20 days between the pictures taken and already 14 lbs lighter!  Feeling great with lots of energy and hooked on Paleo.  Can’t wait to see results in another few weeks, starting to think a six pack is actually possible again!

John W.



“Eating paleo has been a life-changer. With some dedication and willingness to cut out the mass produced, pre-packaged, quick, easy meals you can feel and look better. I was a skeptic at first, but losing 38lbs and going from a size 36 waist down to a 32 in as little as three months made me a believer. I sleep better and wake up energized and ready for the day ahead. I would highly recommend this way of eating to anybody who is tired of how they look or how they feel. Fresh food for a fresh outlook on life.”

David Purdy,

“I’ve only been doing Paleo a few weeks but have already noticed a change. My stomach never feels bloated and uncomfortable after eating and I no longer have my usual strong cravings for junk food. Recently I’ve felt like I have more energy (even days when I don’t get enough sleep), my skin appears to be clearing up, and one person at work has already commented that I look like I’ve lost weight. Along with the promising initial results, I’ve really enjoyed how you never need to feel hungry with Paleo and can still eat lots of delicious and satisfying foods. It has been the easiest diet to start and maintain that I’ve ever tried.”

Andrew Macaulay

"I heard about the “paleo” diet from a friend who was into Crossfit.  As a LOVER of food, cutting out all the sugars, carbs, cheese, yogurt…sounded too hard based on my current ‘healthy’ diet.  Until she made me the most amazing zucchini noodle pad thai – 100% paleo style.  Didn’t think “diet” recipes could taste so good!  With my wedding 3 months away, I decided to do the 30 day challenge and lose those last 10 pounds.  In 3 weeks I lost 12 pounds, my skin was clearer and looked younger, and I felt I could take on any wedding stress that came my way!   That was over a year ago and I’m still 99% paleo. It really works!!"
San G.

“There are so many fads and ‘expert opinions’ on what “healthy” eating is, it’s hard for the average person to know what actually is a healthy way to fuel our body.  The paleo diet seemed like a lot of common sense – real food, with real ingredients! I decided to try 30 days of a paleo diet after a particularly indulgent Christmas season and was amazed by the results. The first week was awful; I craved sugar and felt really depressed and couldn’t believe how awful black coffee tasted – I thought there’s no way I can do this. I stuck it out and after the first week, I couldn’t believe how good I felt; I slept great, woke up full of energy, and was even performing better at the gym! I didn’t even need coffee anymore! Another bonus was the acne I had suffered with as a teenager and all throughout my 20′s had completely cleared up. After 30 days I was sold, and a year and a half later am still eating paleo.”

Pauline J.

"As a former dancer I’ve done every crazy diet know to man-kind. Plenty of them allowed me to bring down weight but along with that came the headaches and exhaustion. Since a 30-day challenge to re-boot and clean paleo-eating since, I’ve kept a healthy body that is full of all the nutrients and good stuff it needs. The delicious and easy recipes have made eating this way fun and interesting. I’ve had so many friends hop on board too so dinner parties are now nourishing for the body as well as the soul."

Amy L.

"I’ve tried all the fad diets. ALL of them. They always work, I lose weight and keep it off for a while, even a few months. Then I always seem to gain it back and then some! I started making changes to diet and adopting paleo as its advertised in so many places, as a way of life more than a diet. I’ve lost 42 pounds and have completely changed how I cook and think about food. Finally I’ve found something that I can stick to"


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