REVIEW: The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook

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REVIEW: The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook

paleo diet cookbook review

REVIEW: The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook

Next week this *brand* new cookbook hits shelves – The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook by Dr. Cordain.

I was *lucky* enough to be sent an advanced copy and it is so great!

It’s been a while since Dr. Cordain published a cookbook with recipes – he’s the man who really pioneered the Paleo Diet and shook up the food industry by taking an evolutionary approach to diet & eating habits. And it’s changed lives. Literally. I personally know people who adopted a paleo approach to eating and healed their bodies – everything from their scalp, to their face, to their digestive systems, waist lines and skin conditions – and have never looked back. Heck I’m one of them!

As you guys know I contribute to the blog (Paleo Diet Guide to Keep Your Gut Healthy for the Holidays5 Paleo Habits to a New You in a New YearHow to Have a Paleo Valentine’s Day When your Valentine isn’t Paleo) and do so because it’s one of my go-to sources for health tips and information – as well as paleo trends. And Ok I *adore* the team at Paleo Diet too.

When I was asked to do a review of the latest Cookbook I jumped at the chance – Dr. Cordain is pretty strict on what is and isn’t considered paleo and his new book has 250 new recipes including everything from Breakfast to Meat to Fish to Sides to Condiments AND Treats!!

The meats are all broken down into categories which is perfect to save time and stay organized!

You can check the fridge and if all that’s in there is chicken, well there’s a whole chapter on Poultry recipes! A couple of veal cutlets – Chapter 3 is all about Beef & Bison.

The chapter I was most interested in is the Treats recipes.

There’s been a lot of flack recently about baking and desserts actually not being paleo. Technically the ingredients are – but most baked goods are still high on the glycemic index and so not technically ‘paleo-approved’.  Well this chapter has some clever flavour combinations and uses simple ingredients to finish off the fanciest of dinner parties or laziest of Friday nights.

Each recipe has a great tid-bit of information about the seasonality of ingredients or how best to combine the dish.

And check out that photography guys!

paleo diet recipe


Mouth-watering right?!


To be expected from Dr. Cordain the beginning section is loaded with information on eating healthy and nutritional information – bringing light to some confusions and controversies with what is and isn’t paleo! Some really great info!


I’ve bookmarked a few recipes and can’t wait to get cooking this weekend – first up: Curried Pork and Pineapple “noodle” Bowls with Coconut Milk and Herbs (pictured above).  Mmmmhmmm.


Head to to see where you can get a copy when it launches next week!





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