Newport Skinny Tea – Enter to Win

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What is Newport Skinny Tea? Over the past few weeks we had a chance to test out three blends of all natural, loose leaf tea blends from Newport Skinny Tea and you guys know we don’t advocate for anything we don’t stand behind. But these are good. Real good!   The Venice … Read More

Going Green – Jewelry Product Review

  Going Green – Green Tree Jewelry is a father & son business out of San Diego, California that uses sustainably harvested trees to laser engrave their crafted jewelry products.   Each of their designs is inspired by nature and that natural beauty is intricately woven within each piece.   Unlike some eco … Read More

Canadian Food Championships – A Review

Canadian Food Championships – A Review   I was *lucky* enough to spend the last 5 days buzzing around the first ever Canadian Food Championships held in Edmonton! The line-up of competitors was impressive – local well known chefs and others from across the nation – from PEI to BC … Read More

The Truth Behind Grass Fed Beef

There’s been so many exciting things happening on this journey -> all the way from Toronto to Banff – where we are right now! To update properly while on the road is overly optimistic as I want to make sure the content is useful and in good quality rather than throwing … Read More

Day 2 Recap – FOOD HIGHWAY

  Mill st market in ‘the Soo’. Only 10 months old, this farmers market has already awakened a part of downtown that was nearly forgotten. Near the famous canals of Sault Ste. Marie, the old paper mill building (built in the late 1800s) that went belly up in 2012 was … Read More

REVIEW: The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook

REVIEW: The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook REVIEW: The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook Next week this *brand* new cookbook hits shelves – The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook by Dr. Cordain. I was *lucky* enough to be sent an advanced copy and it is so great! It’s been a while since Dr. … Read More

*New Recipe* – Yoga Girl’s Dirty Hot Chocolate

I’ve mentioned (and possibly ranted?!) about my *love* of yoga here and there with you guys in the past. Well it’s about to become a much bigger part of my life (and Paleo Wired too – so stay tuned!). One of my absolute inspirational yogis is the lovely Miss Rachel … Read More

5 HABITS for a NEW YOU in a NEW YEAR – the Paleo Diet

  I was lucky enough to do ANOTHER collaboration with Dr. Cordain’s lovely team at the Paleo Diet! If you remember the first article they published was just before American Thanksgiving with a Guide to Keep Your Gut Healthy For the Holidays. This one is all about this brand new … Read More

The Perfect Gift(s) for that Paleo somebody in YOUR life!

Christmas is only 6 sleeps away!! What that means for *most* of us that have yet to purchase, wrap and place our presents under the tree is that we will be hitting the malls this weekend and standing in line with billions (ok not that many, but definitely thousands!!) of … Read More

A Paleo Diet Collaboration

  Have you guys seen this yet?!   I was lucky enough to collaborate with the Paleo Diet on a piece about keeping your gut healthy for the holidays!  Dr. Cordain’s, the Paleo Diet book and his research is famous in leading the Paleo movement. Dr. Cordain’s site the Paleo Diet … Read More

#HealthUnplugged – A Review

This weekend the very first PALEO Conference in the UK took place in London, and we were fortunate enough to be there. Boy am I glad we were! Organized by the legendary Darryl Edwards – the man behind Paleo Fitness and the founder of Primal Play – Health Unplugged included cooking, … Read More

The Paleo Wired Giveaway – Food Processor!!!

Who wants to win an amazing Food Processor? – ENTER TO WIN! We’re celebrating hitting 20 000+ likes this week (awesome). Thank You all incredible people! To show our appreciation we are giving away this amazing Food Processor! To ENTER TO WIN follow this simple steps: 1. In comments bellow tell us … Read More

4 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Swear by Paleo

The Paleo diet, or Paleo Lifestyle as we refer to it at Paleo Wired, has been getting a *lot* of press over the past few months. From being labelled the latest fad diet, to criticisms around the impossibility of actually eating what prehistoric cavemen ate and everything in between. What … Read More