Detox Smoothies are the Ultimate Reboot

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Hey Guys!

Wow it’s been a while! A long long while, it’s funny how quickly time passes when you’re not paying attention?! Ever hear that phrase….a watched pot never boils….sometimes feels like life is like that. When you’re watching the clock minutes seem to go backwards before they creep forward, and when you’re not you look at the calendar one day and realize months have passed!

Needless to say life has been a little crazy as of late and with that our 80/20 paleo lifestyle has gone down the drain. A big part of why I haven’t been posting lately is that we disconnected from the lifestyle for a while and posting during this time about healthy paleo recipes and life styles felt….well unauthentic and without integrity. And if you know me, you know that that’s a value I hold near and dear to my heart. Maybe it’s the yogi in me that preaches authenticity and self truth, or maybe it’s that it can feel like real honesty is far between in our society most days….but now that we’re back in a health routine and embracing the paleo life I’m so so excited to be back! And forever grateful that you’ve all tuned in through Instagram and continued to reach out in the interim, your guys ongoing support and willingness to improve keeps us reaching…and motivated! So THANK YOU!!

One thing that’s truly helped us get back on track is smoothies. Seems simple right!? Almost too simple and easy!? But charging our bodies with a whole veg and fruit smoothie first thing in the morning really sets the standard for the day. It’s all that much easier to avoid a carb and sugar filled “quick” breakfast on the go. Or mid Morning snack. Or even a mid afternoon pick me up full of sugar to get through the rest of the day. Especially if you’re an office dweller like yours truly!
The one pictured above is a fave in our house, packed with frozen blueberries and blackberries for antioxidants and a handful of arugula and cucumber for balance with spoonfuls of chia, hemp and a dash of cinnamon and turmeric. The flavours play off each other and provide enough energy and calories for a successful and focused morning. So much so that it’s practically noon before I hear stomach grumbles! Throw some in your magic bullet, vitamix or blender and give it a go. Your energy levels will speak for themselves! And a lighter breakfast on these hot, sunny summer mornings are a great switch to incorporate into your morning routine!
Happy paleoing,


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