The Paleo Diet or "caveman" diet is 

THE #1 most searched diet!

Why?  Because its more than a temporary diet - its a lifestyle change.  AND it works.

  • Trouble sleeping at night?
  • Can't seem to lose any weight, or gain it all back faster than you lost it?
  • Taking handfuls of pills daily?
  • Constantly bloated and have stomach cramps and pain?
  • Feeling depressed & low energy?
  • Struggling with keeping a clear complexion?

 It's all related to the food you eat.  

Supplements, vitamins & prescription medication are for coping with symptoms, not fixing the cause.

In today's fast paced modern society, where stress is high and convenience is key - the #1 thing you can do to improve your health immediately is to starting consuming foods that are easy for your body to process.  

Because going to the gym and squeezing in that workout is easy to skip & reschedule, but no day goes by without eating. We just need to understand which foods to consume and how. 

The Paleo Diet, or the Paleo lifestyle as we prefer to call it, is adopting a historical approach to eating (this is where the caveman reference comes in!).

Humans have been around for millions of years.  Animals, fish and many vegetables, nuts, oils and fruits date back 100,000+ years.  Grains, legumes and dairy by-products?  Less than 10,000 years. Fast food burger joints, microwaveable dinners and chocolately bars of sugar available at your neighbourhood grocery store check out?  Less than 100 years. 

Going Paleo means choosing to eat “primal” and putting grass-fed, hormone-free, wild caught and organically grown foods into our bodies because our bodies are wired to process these foods easily and maximize nutrition intake.  Avoiding processed foods and refined sugars is the #1 paleo guideline.  High carbohydrate foods, grains and sugars cause our insulin levels to jump up and down like a roller coaster ride, and attribute to health concerns that are becoming more and more prevalent today like type 2 diabetes, obesity, intestine dysfunction, celiac, gluten sensitivity and even anxiety, depression and mood swings.  Yep that’s right, all because of the foods we eat multiple times a day, every day.

That’s the skinny version. For a full science-y understanding of the paleo diet, even we refer to the experts - Mark Sisson who pioneered the Paleo Diet with his book the Primal Blueprint and biochemist Robb Wolf who has devoted himself to helping people get healthy.

We’re not nutritionists, PhDs, health practitioners, naturopaths, fitness coaches or even health nuts.  We're just two average working professionals who *love* to eat, but want to feel, look and be healthy.  Because the paleo lifestyle lets us do both - we've committed to being wired in to all things paleo! The latest trends, delicious recipes, paleo podcasts and recent controversies.  Why?  Because a friend recommended it, we tried it, and now we swear by it.  Making the lifestyle change and Going Paleo is easier and cheaper than most think, all you need is a bit of guidance and a commitment to yourself to get healthy for 30 days. You'll start to see results by the end of the first week.   

The human body is wired for paleo, so give it what it wants already!

But don't just take our word for it - check out the TESTIMONIALS and see others results for yourself!