#HealthUnplugged – A Review

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Health Unplugged

This weekend the very first PALEO Conference in the UK took place in London, and we were fortunate enough to be there. Boy am I glad we were!

Organized by the legendary Darryl Edwards – the man behind Paleo Fitness and the founder of Primal Play – Health Unplugged included cooking, movement & health seminars, panel discussions and live video streams from respected Paleo experts Dr. Terry Wahls and Robb Wolf.

The seminars were lead by leaders in health & wellness and the Paleo movement including Irena Macri of Eat Drink Paleo, Dr. Assem Malholtra famous for his fight against sugar, Dr. Alessandra Wall, Dr. Tommy Wood, Chris Clark, Jerry Dhillon and the list continues!

There were also some great vendors starting the day right with fresh coconut water. As in literally just cracked coconuts!  Great snack options from The Primal Kitchen and Primal Snack Box and of course some delicious Kombucha by Love Kombucha!

The thing that really caught my eye was a project called We Love Paleo.  An indie documentary on Paleo currently in editing stage, the dynamic, young couple that’s crowd-funding their way to making this film is setting it up for huge success, stay tuned for it to be released in the first half of 2015 Paleolites!


As y’all know Paleo is already pretty established in the US, gaining momentum fast in Canada and Australia but is just starting to really be embraced in the UK & Europe and you could feel the buzz of excitement amongst all the attendees this weekend. Darryl ensured that all the speakers and vendors at HealthUnplugged were at the fore-front of the Paleo movement! The likes of Darryl Edwards, Jerry Dhillon, Dr. Assem Malholtra, Dr. Tommy Wood and others are ALL helping pioneer Paleo as a mainstream form of eating for everyone from its current more grassroots alternative medicinal option for those looking at getting healthy either for weight loss or sickness related reasons.

We learned a ton, met some fantastic people and had a great time doing it!

Oh and did I mention the *delicious* 100% Paleo lunch we had?  Mmm…

A huge shout out to Darryl and his team for putting this on, we’re glad Paleo Wired could attend and be a part of the first ever HealthUnplugged, London!

Check out the links in this post guys – there’s bounds of great information from each of the speakers and some wicked new products to try out.


Paleo Wired


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  1. Paleo-Leon
    | Reply

    Hey, thanks for the recap. We also enjoyed the HU. It was so informative. Too bad we didnt meet you guys. We were the people with the Paleolifestyle (HAND-LOGO) on their Tshirts!

    Cheers, Leon

    • admin
      | Reply

      From Germany? I think we saw you guys a few times! Next time! Do you have any plans to visit other Paleo conferences soon? If we can help in anyway or exchange the experience let us know. We would love that!

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